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About the Author: Having read the Bible cover to cover 16+ times, I felt led to write Bible Passages That Can Influence Your Life to show that the Bible is still significant in our lives today. Since these posts are examples of how I apply the Bible to my daily life, they don't necessarily reflect the whole meaning of the Bible passages. Will you relate to these passages in the same ways that I have? My desire is that through these examples, you will learn to relate to the Bible in a way that is personally significant to you! Don't follow me, Follow Jesus!
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Bible to Text/Media Connection Examples:

*These are examples of ways you can possibly connect the Bible passages to something you've read in a book, magazine, newspaper, radio, TV, movies, computer, You Tube, etc.

God and American Graffiti                                                                                     Those With No Remorse for Evicting Widows  
How Is a Choose Your Own Adventure Book Related to Faith?                      Looking for Jesus in All the Wrong Places Christians    
From Party-Hardy Lifestyles to Making God a Priority                                    This Isn't Something to Be Manipulated 
Not Watching Shows With Witchcraft, Demonic, or Satanic Themes          Christians Don't Let Things Get the Best of Them     
Would You Believe a Fable Got Me Started Reading the Bible?                       Do You Spend Your Life Feeling Powerless Like Pinocchio?
Our Enthusiasm for a Relationship With Christ Should be Contagious

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