About the Author:

About the Author: Having read the Bible cover to cover several times, I felt led to write Bible Passages That Can Influence Your Life to show that the Bible is still significant in our lives today. Since these posts are examples of how I apply the Bible to my daily life, they don't necessarily reflect the whole meaning of the Bible passages. Will you relate to these passages in the same ways that I have? My desire is that through these examples, you will learn to relate to the Bible in a way that is personally significant to you! Don't follow me, Follow Jesus!
Click the Links in the 3 Posts Below to See Examples of Bible to Self Connections, Bible to World Connections, and Bible to Text/Media Connections!

Bible 2 Text/Media Connection Examples

*These are examples of ways you can possibly connect the Bible passages to something you've read in a book, magazine, newspaper, radio, TV, movies, computer, You Tube, etc.

Bible 2 Self Connection Examples

*Connecting the Bible passage to something that happened in your life or someone you know
*Connecting the Bible passage to apply to your life
*Connecting the Bible passage to questions you have that relate to your life and/or faith

Have I Become Apathetic?  
The Pudding Thief
I've Been Hiding My Light Under a Bushel 
Praying on Auto Pilot
Back Seat Driver Christian  

Bible 2 World Connection Examples

Connecting Bible passages to something you know about/within the world. I'll put the connection I've made in (Parenthesis) to make it easier to see what aspect of the world I've connected to in the example.

Enough is Enough! (Diversity Training Connection)
Concerned About People Using God's Name in Vain (Casual Slang Connection)
A Pep Talk from Jesus (Sports Connection)
I'm Banking on Jesus (Bank Account Connection)
Making Popcorn (Popcorn Connection)
Trying to Have My Cake and Eat It Too (Teeter Totter Connection)
Have We Become Desensitized? (Child Abuse Connection)
Are the People on Welfare Rich? (Welfare-Third World Countries Connection)
The Situation in a Whole Other Ball Park (Calling Names Connection)
Should I Have Expected Any Less of God? (Job Interview Connection)
Taking Advantage of God's Forgiving Nature (Budget Connection)

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